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Technorati Claim

Request for Assistance: Seeking Python Expert(s)


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My Prior XO Posts

Milestones Page

The Most Idiotic Post Yet Written About the XO Laptop

Bad Things Happen Can Happen With Good Software

rsyncing the planet

I just ordered a hat. Why? What kind? What color?

On Volunteerism: Cast thy bread upon the waters for thou shalt find it after many days

Opportunity knocks, but you have to open the door

Red Hat Shopper’s Guide Gets It Right

The War Against Ignorance

On OpenDS: Time for Sun to make a call

Building your own Linux Fedora computer using the ECS GeForce 6100SM-Motherboard

Our Stories Project

Re-posting of my prior XO posts

David Pogue: Laptop With a Mission Widens Its Audience

K12OpenMinds07: Trip Report

On Education, Innovation, OLPC, And Open-Source

Open Source Divertimento K. 2007

Meet the Tuxers, new members of the OLPC XO laptop team

Can you explain open-source in one sentence?

Goodnight Windows, Goodnight Mush

December 1999: Three Predictions

XO Business Opportunities: Market Share, Servers

Starting informal IBM XO Club

Time-ly Technology

An Authoritative Opinion Comparing Security in Linux and Microsoft Windows

An Authoritative Opinion on Libraries and Authoritative Opinions

On Libraries: The Ernie Pyle Memorial Home/Library

On Libraries: The Library of Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester

On Libraries: On Searching for the Meaning of “Sabbath Kristallnacht”

I just ordered my XO Laptop. Have You? (11/12/2007)

Thomas J. Watson Library: The Gates of Paradise

The XO Laptop and the Era of the Two Hundred Dollar Computer

Software cost now equals hardware cost

On Unexpected Authority: Recent Examples

On the Authority of Librarians

Promoting Open Technologies in Libraries

Using your XO to claim your piece of the blogsphere

How a question from a librarian led me to start blogging about the XO laptop

Back In The Day: Computing in 1959, 1971

The XO Laptop can run Sahana

Cataloging the Internet/Web Using the XO Laptop

Saving Lives Using the XO Laptop

TOC: Total Ownership Of Cost, the Cost of Microsoft Software

Terra plus Putare gives Terraputer

terraputer xo-laptop: The XO Laptop is a Terraputer

Software’s Firewall, Microsoft

Message from The Tuxers: Think, Dave! Don’t Use Windows!

Why Python?

Flog your blog, use the xo-laptop tag

OLPC and the XO Laptop: On Being Present At The Creation Of A Big Project

Getting Hijacked Running Windows

The Power of the XO Laptop is its Power Supply

A new computer virus, XO Laptop Envy

The XO Laptop Generation

A rough estimate of web awareness of the XO Laptop

The XO Laptop and Tom Friedman: The Case for Illegal Mingling

xo-laptop: I’m Dreaming of a Green XO Laptop Christmas

Mike Todd gets an XO Laptop. Will you?

Minimal hardware requirements for XO Laptop Fedora Linux and Microsoft Vista

Time to put on our XO Laptop Thinking Caps

On the XO Laptop and Microsoft’s OOXML Standard

Samuel Butler: All of the Animals Excepting Man Know That The Principle Business of Life is to Enjoy It

Meet the newest Tuxer: XO Laptop Tux

Targeted Donations of XO Laptops

Early orders for XO-Laptop to be delivered Dec. 14-24

Python-XO: The Farmer in the Dell

XO-Laptop Hardware Summary

On the Open-Sourcing of Business

The XO Laptop T-Shirt Design Contest

Join the XO-laptop XO-generation

The XO Laptop and Toys: Off Target at Target

Let’s play XO Laptop Scrabble

The XO Laptop Inside the Beltway

Using the XO Laptop To Impress Your Friends

The Most Important Programmers in the World

An Authoritative Opinion by an Expert on Authoritative Opinions on How to Outwit Google

XO Laptop Business Opportunities: Market Share, Servers

Building your own Linux Fedora computer using the ECS GeForce 6100SM-Motherboard

New WordPress Blog: IBMXOClub.wordpress.com

Helen Lozoraitis joins the IBM XO Club

Announcing the Posts Page

Two XO’s for XMAS for Sahana

Caduceus Redux

Python-XO: Programming as applied mathematics

XO-Python: On Von Neumann’s First Program

Taking your XO blog to new places

Inexorable Logic

A Green Box For Learning

Python-XO: On the shortest Python program

Technorati considered harmful

House and Senate Slash Science Budget Increases

Do You Have To Prove It Works?

Python-XO: Alan Turing’s Definition of a Computing Machine

On Philately

Shock Block: On the power of a single individual and the power of computer simulation

On the Apple Imac: It’s a Unix system. I know this!

k12openminds07: Donating an XO to the Navajo People

Tithing XO Laptops

On Open-Source and silver bullets

The Great Unanswered Questions about the XO Laptop

An apology about Apple’s Imac from screwup Dave Shields

AWS-ome Amazon XO Opportunity

The Tuxers and Dave welcome the XO-1 to the Shields Family

How do you turn off the OLPC XO Laptop wireless feature

XO in Venice

Crunch Time

Blogging Geek to Geek

Ex 2007, Oh 2008

2007: The Miserable Pundit in Review

XO Axiom #1: The XO Laptop is a general-purpose Linux computer with builtin network access capabilities

XO Axiom #2: Open-source is the scientific model applied to programming

XO Axiom #3: Open-source is all about fun.

Putting your XO on the Web

Comparison of /bin and /usr/bin content for XO and Fedora Core

An XO Two-Pack Life Support System

Using SSH to access your XO Laptop

Ready, AIM, Debug

Going, Going, Gone?


Sweet Dreams

On Sahana and the XO Laptop

Comparing the OLPC XO Laptop and Intel’s Classmate PC

Intel Quits


Written by daveshields

December 4, 2007 at 3:20 pm

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