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I just got the following email from Robert Bolgar, father of the Brothers Bolgar, Josh and Zander:

Subject: XO Weekend

Hi David,

How is your schedule this Sunday for continued XO teaching? If you are busy, no prob. Josh will study more for midterms.



Here is my reply:

I’m on road now, in Detroit as I write this. I get back late Saturday, and will be free to visit the boys on Sunday afternoon. Let me know what time after noon is convenient.

I post this because I was quite taken by the title of Robert’s post: “XO weekend.” Isn’t that a nice thought? If you have an XO, how do you plan to spend this weekend with your XO? With whom?

As noted I’m on the road. this week. I spent a fun couple of hours two nights ago writing some Python code based on an idea that came to me while I was in Schipol Airport in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. It is a variation of one of the basic XO Snippy programs, one I find quite exciting.

Say what you will, the XO is just a barrel of fun. You just need to dive in and find how it best works for you, and what you hope to accomplish.


Written by daveshields

January 18, 2008 at 4:28 am

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