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Comparison of /bin and /usr/bin content for XO and Fedora Core

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I just made a rough comparison of the content of the /bin and /usr/bin directories for the XO Laptop and Fedora Core (FC). The XO is based on FC, and since it is meant to take as little memory and disk space as possible to provide a useable environment, the XO is a stripped-down FC with the addition of new files needed just for the XO. For those not too familiar with Linux the /bin and /usr/bin directories list the standard programs, or executable files, that are available to every user.

The list is approximate, and I created it after noting that the XO has just over 700 files in /bin and /usr/bin while FC has almost 1700. My FC box has some files not found in standard FC such as Amarok (a music player), but I wasn’t trying for exactness but just a rough comparison. I created the listing below by using “ls” to list directory contents, sorting and grouping to create the following list. (I used “comm3” to create the comparison list and then replaced tabs with asterisks.)

Each word is the name of an executable program:

  • If there is no asterisk before the name then the program is ONLY in the XO
  • If there is one asterisk before the name then the program is ONLY in FC
  • If there are two asterisks before the name then the program is in both the XO and FC

Some entries are as expected. for example, “tar” is listed as “**tar,” and “python” as “**python,” meaning both are found in FC and the XO. Some are found only in FC. For example, “gcc,” the C compiler, is listed as “*gcc, ” meaning it is found only in FC; this is no surprise as the application programs for the XO are written in Python and not C. There are some surprises; for example, the XO doesn’t have perl, gvim or ed (all are listed with just one asterisk). Entries with no asterisks are unique to the XO, as shown by the number of entries that start with “sugar.” Some entries serve as reminders that the XO does things differently. For example, it doesn’t have firefox as a browser (it is listed with just one asterisk).

There are some surprising omissions. Though I haven’t made a complete list, just the absence of “diff,” the basic file comparison program, is cause for concern. This suggests that some enterprising and helpful group of programmers will create a supplementary collection of useful packages that the OLPC folks forgot to include, at least from a developer’s perspective.

*a2p *ab *abiword *AbiWord-2.4 *ac **aconnect *acpi_listen *activation-client *addftinfo **addr2line
*afs5log *alacarte **alsacard **alsamixer **alsaunmute *amarok *amarokapp *amarokcollectionscanner
*amarok_daapserver.rb *amarok_proxy.rb **amidi **amixer *amuFormat.sh *anthy-agent *anthy-dic-tool
*anthy-morphological-analyzer **aplay **aplaymidi *appletproxy *apropos **ar **arch **arecord
**arecordmidi *artscat *artsd *artsdsp *artsmessage *artsplay *artsrec *artsshell *artswrapper **as
*ascii-xfr **aseqdump **aseqnet **aserver **aspell *aspell-import *at *atq *atrm *attr *auconvert
*auctl *audemo *audial *audit2allow *audit2why *auedit *auinfo *aupanel *auphone *auplay *aurecord
*auscope *auth-agent *authconfig *authconfig-gtk *authconfig-tui *autool *autovbox *auwave
avahi-browse avahi-browse-domains avahi-discover avahi-publish avahi-publish-address
avahi-publish-service avahi-resolve avahi-resolve-address avahi-resolve-host-name
avahi-set-host-name *avivotool **awk *b43-fwcutter *baobab **base64 **basename **bash **bashbug-32
*batch *bc *bcm43xx-fwcutter *bdftopcf *bdftops *bdftruncate *blackjack *bluetooth-applet
*bluetooth-properties **bmp2tiff *bonobo-activation-run-query *bonobo-slay bssh *bug-buddy **bunzip2
bvnc **bzcat **bzcmp **bzdiff **bzgrep **bzip2 **bzip2recover **bzless **bzmore *c2ph *c89 *c99
**cal *cancel *cancel.cups *capifax *capifaxrcvd *capiinfo **captoinfo **cat **catchsegv *cc
*cdda2mp3 *cdda2ogg *cdda2wav **cdda-player *cddb-slave2-properties **cd-drive **cd-info *cdparanoia
**cd-paranoia *cdrdao **cd-read *cdrecord *certmgr **c++filt **chacl **chage *charmap **chattr
*chcat **chcon *checkisomd5 *checkmail *checkmodule *checkpolicy **chfn **chgrp *chktrust **chmod
**chown **chrt **chsh **chvt *ciptool *cisco-decrypt **cjpeg **ck-list-sessions **cksum
*ck-xinit-session **clear *cmp *codeina **col **colcrt **colrm **column **comm *compiz
**consolehelper *consolehelper-gtk **cp **cpio **cpp *cpufreq-selector *create-branching-keyboard
**crontab cs csb64enc csound **csplit **csslint-0.6 *cue2toc *cupsdconf *cupsdoprint *cupstestdsc
*cupstestppd **curl **cut cvanal **cvt **cytune datastore-service **date *dateconfig dbench
**dbus-binding-tool **dbus-cleanup-sockets **dbus-daemon **dbus-launch **dbus-monitor **dbus-send
**dbus-uuidgen *dc *dcop *dcopclient *dcopfind *dcopobject *dcopquit *dcopref *dcopserver
*dcopserver_shutdown *dcopstart **dd **ddate *ddcmon **deallocvt *decode-dimms.pl *decode-edid.pl
*decode-vaio.pl *decode-xeon.pl *dellWirelessCtl *desktop-effects *desktop-file-install
*desktop-file-validate *devdump **df *dfubabel *dfutool *diff *diff3 *diffpp *dig **dir **dircolors
**dirname *dirsplit *disco **djpeg **dmesg dnoise **dnsdomainname **doexec **domainname *dos2unix
*dprofpp *drkonqi **du *dumphint **dumpiso **dumpkeys *dund **dvcont *dvd-ram-control *dvdrecord
*dvd+rw-booktype *dvd+rw-format *dvd+rw-mediainfo *dvipdf easy_install easy_install-2.5 **echo *ed
**egrep **eject *ekiga *ekiga-config-tool **enchant **enchant-lsmod *enscript **env envext envsubst
*eog *eps2eps *eqn *eqn2graph *erb *escputil *esd *esdcompat espeak etoys *evim *evince
*evince-thumbnailer *evolution **ex *execstack **expand **expr *extensionproxy extract extractor
f2py f2py.numpy **factor **faillog **false **fax2ps **fax2tiff **fc-cache **fc-cat **fc-list
**fc-match **fdformat *festival *festival_client *festival_server *festival_server_control
*festival-synthesis-driver *fftwf-wisdom *fftwl-wisdom *fftw-wisdom *fftw-wisdom-to-conf **fgconsole
**fgrep **file *file-roller *filesharelist *fileshareset **find *find2perl *finger *firefox
*fixmswrd.pl **flac **flock **floppy **fmt **fold *font2c *fonttosfnt *foomatic-combo-xml
*foomatic-compiledb *foomatic-configure *foomatic-datafile *foomatic-gswrapper *foomatic-perl-data
*foomatic-ppdfile *foomatic-ppd-options *foomatic-printjob *foomatic-rip *foomatic-searchprinter
*formail **free **fribidi *f-spot *f-spot-import *f-spot-sqlite-upgrade *ftp **funzip *fusermount
*gacutil *gaim **gawk *gcalctool *gcc **gconf-merge-tree *gconfsharp2-schemagen **gconftool-2
**gcore *gcov *gda-author-dict-file-3.0 *gda-config-tool-3.0 *gda-diagnose-3.0
*gda-inspect-dict-file-3.0 *gda-list-config-3.0 *gda-report-test-3.0 *gda-run-3.0
*gda-test-connection-3.0 **gdb **gdbserver **gdbtui **gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders-32
*gdm-dmx-reconnect-proxy *gdmdynamic *gdmflexiserver *gdmphotosetup *gdmsetup *gdmthemetester
*gdmXnest *gdmXnestchooser *geany *gedit **gencat **gendiff *genisoimage *genkdmconf *geqn **getconf
**getent **getfacl *getfattr *gethostip **getkeycodes **getopt *getproxy gettext gettext.sh *gex
*gfloppy *ghostscript **gif2tiff *gimp *gimp-2.4 *gimp-console *gimp-console-2.4 *gimp-remote
*gimp-remote-2.4 *gimptool *gimptool-2.0 *gindxbib *gkbd-indicator-plugins-capplet *glchess *glines
*glookbib *glxgears *glxinfo *gmcs *gmime-uudecode *gmime-uuencode gnash *gnect *gneqn *gnibbles
*gnobots2 *gnokii *gnome-about *gnome-about-me *gnome-accessibility-keyboard-properties
*gnome-appearance-properties *gnome-at-mobility *gnome-at-properties *gnome-at-visual
*gnome-audio-profiles-properties *gnome-blog-poster *gnome-brightness-applet *gnome-calculator
*gnome-cd *gnome-character-map *gnome-control-center *gnome-database-properties-3.0
*gnome-db-browser *gnome-db-demo *gnome-default-applications-properties *gnome-desktop-item-edit
*gnome-dictionary *gnome-display-properties *gnome-eject *gnome-falling-blocks
*gnome-file-share-properties *gnome-font-viewer *gnome-help *gnome-inhibit-applet
*gnome-keybinding-properties *gnome-keyboard-properties *gnome-keyring-daemon *gnome-mount
*gnome-mouse-properties *gnome-network-preferences *gnome-obex-send *gnome-obex-server *gnome-open
*gnome-panel *gnome-panel-screenshot *gnome-phone-manager *gnome-pilot-make-password
*gnome-power-bugreport.sh *gnome-power-cmd.sh *gnome-power-manager *gnome-power-preferences
*gnome-power-statistics *gnome-screensaver *gnome-screensaver-command *gnome-screensaver-preferences
*gnome-screenshot *gnome-search-tool *gnome-session *gnome-session-properties *gnome-session-remove
*gnome-session-save *gnome-sound-properties *gnome-sudoku *gnome-system-log *gnome-system-monitor
*gnome-terminal *gnome-text-editor *gnome-theme-thumbnailer *gnome-thumbnail-font
*gnome-typing-monitor *gnome-umount **gnomevfs-cat **gnomevfs-copy **gnomevfs-df **gnomevfs-info
**gnomevfs-ls **gnomevfs-mkdir **gnomevfs-monitor **gnomevfs-mv **gnomevfs-rm *gnome-volume-control
*gnome-volume-manager *gnome-volume-properties *gnome-window-properties *gnome-wm *gnomine
*gnotravex *gnotski *gnroff *gnuchess *gnumeric *gnumeric-1.6.3 *gok gparser *gparted **gpasswd *gpg
**gpg-error *gpgsplit *gpgv *gpg-zip *gphoto2 *gpic *gpilotd-control-applet *gpilotd-session-wrapper
*gpilot-install-file *gpm-root gprocessor **gprof *grammar-parse *grefer **grep *grn *grodvi *groff
*groffer *grolbp *grolj4 *grops *grotty **groups *growisofs *gs *gsbj *gsdj *gsdj500
**gsf-office-thumbnailer *gslj *gslp *gsnd *gsoelim **gstack **gst-feedback **gst-feedback-0.10
**gst-inspect **gst-inspect-0.10 **gst-launch **gst-launch-0.10 *gstreamer-properties **gst-typefind
**gst-typefind-0.10 *gst-visualise-0.10 **gst-xmlinspect **gst-xmlinspect-0.10 **gst-xmllaunch
**gst-xmllaunch-0.10 *gtali **gtar *gtbl **gtf *gthumb *gthumb-import gtk-demo gtk-gnash
**gtk-query-immodules-2.0-32 **gtk-update-icon-cache *gtk-window-decorator *gtroff *gucharmap *guile
*guile-tools **gunzip *gview *gvim *gvimdiff **gzexe **gzip *h2ph **hal-device **hal-disable-polling
**hal-find-by-capability **hal-find-by-property **hal-get-property **hal-is-caller-locked-out
*hal-is-caller-privileged **hal-lock **hal-set-property *hal-setup-keymap **halt *hcitool **head
het_export het_import hetro **hexdump *hidd *hltest *host **hostid **hostname *hoststat *hpftodit
*htdb_dump *htdb_load *htdbm *htdb_stat *htdig *htdigest *htdump *HtFileType *htfuzzy *htload
*htmerge *htnotify *htpasswd *htpurge *htsearch *htstat *httpcfg *i386 *i386-redhat-linux-gcc *iagno
*icc2ps *icclink *icctrans **iceauth *icedax **iconv **id *idle **idn **iecset *ifpline **igawk
*ijsgutenprint.5.0 *imagetops *im-chooser *implantisomd5 *indxbib **info **infocmp **infokey
**infotocap **install *installvst *invest-chart **ionice **ipcalc **ipcrm **ipcs *iptc ipython
*ircat *irexec *irkbd *irman2lirc *irpsion5 *irpty *irrecord *irsend irunner *irw *irxevent
*isdnbill *isdnconf *isdnrate *isdnrep *isodebug *isodump *isoinfo **iso-info **iso-read **isosize
*isovfy **ispell *issndfile *jack_bufsize *jackd *jack_freewheel *jack_load *jack_unload **join
*jpegicc **jpegtran *jsattach *jscal *jstest *jwhois *kab2kabc *kaccess *kaddprinterwizard
*kapplymousetheme *kasbar *kasumi *kate **kbd_mode **kbdrate *kblankscrn.kss *kbookmarkmerger
*kbuildsycoca *kcheckpass *kcheckrunning *kcminit *kcminit_startup *kcmshell *kconf_update *kcontrol
*kcontroledit *kcookiejar *kdcop *kdebugdialog *kde-config *kded *kdeeject *kdeinit
*kdeinit_shutdown *kdeinit_wrapper *kdeinstallktheme *kde-menu *kdepasswd *kdeprintfax *kdesktop
*kdesktop_lock *kdesu *kdesud *kdesu_stub *kdetv *kdetvv4lsetup *kdialog *kdm *kdm_config *kdmctl
*kdm_greet *kdontchangethehostname *kdostartupconfig *keditbookmarks *keditfiletype *kfile *kfind
*kfmclient *kfmexec *kfontinst *kfontview *kgrantpty *khc_docbookdig.pl *khc_htdig.pl
*khc_htsearch.pl *khc_indexbuilder *khc_mansearch.pl *khelpcenter *khotkeys *khotnewstuff *kicker
**kill **killall *kinfocenter *kinstalltheme *kioexec *kio_http_cache_cleaner *kio_media_mounthelper
*kioslave *kio_system_documenthelper *kio_uiserver *kjobviewer *klauncher *klipper
*klocaldomainurifilterhelper *kmailservice *kmenuedit *knetattach *kompmgr *konqueror *konsole
*kpac_dhcp_helper *kpm *kprinter *krandom.kss *krandrtray *krb5-auth-dialog *krdb *kreadconfig
*krootimage *ksendbugmail *ksflatten *kshell *ksmserver *ksplash *ksplashsimple *kstart
*kstartupconfig *ksvalidator *ksysguard *ksysguardd *ksystraycmd *ktelnetservice *ktradertest
*ktrash *kwebdesktop *kwin *kwin_killer_helper *kwin_rules_dialog *kwrapper *kwrite *kwriteconfig
*kxkb *l2ping *l2test **last **lastb *lastcomm **lastlog **lchfn **lchsh **ld **ldd **lddlibc4
**less **lessecho **lesskey **lesspipe.sh *lftp *lftpget *libwmf-fontmap **link *linux32 *linux64
*lircrcd *liveinst *lkbib **ln *lnusertemp **loadkeys **loadunimap **locale **localedef *locate
*lockfile **logger **login **logname *logresolve **look *lookbib *lp lpanal lpc_export lpc_import
*lp.cups *lpoptions *lppasswd *lpq *lpq.cups *lpr *lpr.cups *lprm *lprm.cups *lprsetup.sh *lpstat
*lpstat.cups **ls **lsattr **lshal *lspgpot *lss16toppm ltrace **luit *lz *m17n-db *m4 *mac2unix
*magicdev *magnifier *mahjongg *mail *Mail *mailq *mailq.sendmail *mailsettings *mailstat makecsd
*make_driver_db_cups *make_driver_db_lpr *makemap *man *man2html *manpath **mapscrn matchbox-remote
matchbox-window-manager *mathmlsvg *mattrib *mbadblocks *mbchk *mcat *mcd *mcheck *mclasserase
*mcomp **mcookie *mcopy *mcs **md5sum *mdel *mdeltree *mdir *mdu *meinproc *memhog **mesg *metacity
*metacity-message **metaflac *mev *mformat *migratepages *minfo *minicom *minidump_dump
*minidump_stackwalk *mini-wm mixer *mkafmmap *mkbundle2 **mkdir **mkfifo *mkfontdir *mkfontscale
*mkhybrid *mkisofs *mkmanifest **mknod **mkrfc2734 **mktemp **mkxauth *mlabel **mmc-tool *mmd
*mmount *mmove *mode2 *modulator *mono *mono-api-diff *mono-api-info *mono-api-info2 *monodir
*monolinker **more **mount **mountpoint *mouse-test *mozilla-plugin-config *mozroots *mp4art
*mp4dump *mp4extract *mp4info *mp4tags *mp4trackdump *mpartition *mrd *mren msgattrib msgcat msgcmp
msgcomm msgconv msgen msgexec msgfilter msgfmt *msgfmt.py msggrep msghack msginit msgmerge msgunfmt
msguniq *mshowfat *mtools *mtoolstest *mtype **mv *mxtar *my-default-printer *mzip **namei **nano
*nasd *nautilus *nautilus-cd-burner *nautilus-connect-server *nautilus-file-management-properties
*nautilus-sendto *nc *neat *neat-control *nenscript *neqn **netstat *newaliases *newaliases.sendmail
**newgrp ngettext **nice **nisdomainname **nl **nm *nm-applet *nm-connection-editor
*nm-openvpn-service *nm-openvpn-service-openvpn-helper **nm-tool *nm-vpnc-service
*nm-vpnc-service-vpnc-helper *nm-vpn-properties **nohup *notify-send *nroff *nslookup *nspluginscan
*nspluginviewer *nsupdate *ntfs-3g *ntfscat *ntfscluster *ntfscmp *ntfsdecrypt *ntfsdump_logfile
*ntfsfix *ntfsinfo *ntfsls *ntfsmftalloc *ntfsmount *ntfsmove *ntfstruncate *ntfswipe **ntpstat
*numactl *numademo *numastat **objcopy **objdump **oclock **od *oldrdist olpc-hardware-manager
olpc-logbat olpc-netlog olpc-netstatus olpc-session omshell **on_ac_power **open **openssl **openvt
*orca *over *pacat *pacmd *pactl *padsp **pal2rgb *pam-panel-icon *pand **panelctl
*panel-test-applets **pango-querymodules-32 *paplay *paps *parec *passkey-agent **passwd **paste
*pasuspender **pathchk *pavucontrol *pax11publish **pcregrep **pcretest *pdf2dsc *pdf2ps *pdfopt
*peekfd *perl *perl5.8.8 *perlbug *perldoc *pf2afm *pfbtopfa *pfbtops *pftp **pgawk **pgrep *pic
*pic2graph *piconv *pidgin *pilot-650foto *pilot-addresses *pilot-clip *pilot-csd *pilot-debugsh
*pilot-dedupe *pilot-dlpsh *pilot-file *pilot-foto *pilot-getram *pilot-getrom *pilot-getromtoken
*pilot-hinotes *pilot-ietf2datebook *pilot-install-datebook *pilot-install-expenses
*pilot-install-hinote *pilot-install-memo *pilot-install-netsync *pilot-install-todo
*pilot-install-todos *pilot-install-user *pilot-memos *pilot-nredir *pilot-read-expenses
*pilot-read-ical *pilot-read-notepad *pilot-read-palmpix *pilot-read-screenshot *pilot-read-todos
*pilot-read-veo *pilot-reminders *pilot-schlep *pilot-sync-plan *pilot-treofoto *pilot-undelete
*pilot-wav *pilot-xfer **ping **ping6 **pinky *pirut *pitchplay *pkcs11_eventmgr *pkcs11_inspect
*pkcs11_setup **pkg-config **pkill *pklogin_finder *pl2pm *playbucket playmus playwave **pmap
**pm-hibernate **pm-is-supported **pm-powersave **pm-restart **pm-shutdown **pm-suspend *pod2html
*pod2latex *pod2man *pod2text *pod2usage *podchecker *podselect *polkit-config-file-validate
*polkit-grant *polkit-list-actions *polkit-policy-file-validate *post-grohtml **poweroff **ppm2tiff
*ppmtolss16 **pr **precat *pre-grohtml *preparetips **preunzip **prezip **prezip-bin *printafm
**printenv **printf *procmail *protoize **ps *ps2ascii *ps2epsi *ps2pdf *ps2pdf12 *ps2pdf13
*ps2pdf14 *ps2pdfwr *ps2ps *ps2ps2 *psed **psfaddtable **psfgettable **psfstriptable **psfxtable
**pstree **pstree.x11 *pstruct **ptx *puid *pulseaudio *pup *puplet *purgestat
*purple-client-example *purple-remote *purple-send *purple-send-async *purple-url-handler pvanal
pv_export pv_import pvlook *pv.sh **pwd **pwdx pycolor **pydoc *pygettext.py **pygtk-demo *pynche
**python **python2 **python2.5 **python2.5-config **python-config *quota **ranlib *rarian-example
*rarian-sk-config *rarian-sk-extract *rarian-sk-gen-uuid *rarian-sk-get-cl
*rarian-sk-get-content-list *rarian-sk-get-extended-content-list *rarian-sk-get-scripts
*rarian-sk-install *rarian-sk-migrate *rarian-sk-preinstall *rarian-sk-rebuild *rarian-sk-update
**ras2tiff **raw2tiff **rb *rcp *rctest *rdate rdesktop *rdist *rdistd **rdjpgcom *readcd **readelf
**readlink *readmult *readom **reboot recode-sr-latin *red *refer **rename **renice **reset **resize
**resizecons **rev *rexec *rfcomm **rgb2ycbcr *rhgb **rhgb-client *rhythmbox *rhythmbox-client
*rlogin **rm *rmail *rmail.sendmail **rmdir *rmdtovbox **rnano *rngtest **rpcgen **rpm **rpm2cpio
**rpmdb **rpmquery **rpmsign **rpmverify *rsh **rsvg **rsvg-convert **rsvg-view **rsync *ruby
**runcon *rundig *run-gparted **run-parts *runscript **run-with-aspell **rvi **rview **rx **rz *s2p
*same-gnome *saytime **sb scale *scim *scim-bridge *scim-config-agent *scim-restart *scim-setup scot
**scp **script *scrollkeeper-config *scrollkeeper-extract *scrollkeeper-gen-seriesid
*scrollkeeper-get-cl *scrollkeeper-get-content-list *scrollkeeper-get-extended-content-list
*scrollkeeper-get-index-from-docpath *scrollkeeper-get-toc-from-docpath
*scrollkeeper-get-toc-from-id *scrollkeeper-install *scrollkeeper-preinstall *scrollkeeper-rebuilddb
*scrollkeeper-uninstall *scrollkeeper-update scsort *sdiff *sdptool *sealert *secon **sed
*selinux-polgengui *semodule_deps *semodule_expand *semodule_link *semodule_package **sendiso
*sendsms *sensors *sepolgen-ifgen **seq *serviceconf **sessreg *setarch **setfacl *setfattr
**setfont **setkeycodes **setleds **setmetamode *setreg *setserial **setsid **setterm *setup
**setxkbmap *sfconvert *sfinfo **sftp **sg **sh **sha1sum **sha224sum **sha256sum **sha384sum
**sha512sum **showconsolefont showimage **showkey **showrgb **shred **shuf **size **skill **slabtop
**sleep *sliceprint **slogin *smcs *smoltDeleteProfile *smoltSendProfile *smtpd.py *sn
**sndfile-convert **sndfile-info **sndfile-play **sndfile-regtest *sndfile-resample sndinfo **snice
*soapsuds *soelim *sol **sort *sound-juicer *soundtoh **speaker-test **speexdec **speexenc **spell
*splain **split **sprof **sqlite3 *sqlsharp squeak srconv *ssconvert **ssh **ssh-add **ssh-agent
**ssh-copy-id **ssh-keygen **ssh-keyscan *ssindex *startkde *start_kdeinit *start_kdeinit_wrapper
**startx **stat *states strace **strings **strip **stty **su *sudo *sudoedit sugar sugar-activity
sugar-backup sugar-control-panel sugar-emulator sugar-install-bundle sugar-launch
sugar-presence-service sugar-shell sugar-shell-service **sum **sx *symlinks **sync *synclient
*syndaemon *syslinux *system-cdinstall-helper *system-config-authentication *system-config-boot
*system-config-date *system-config-display *system-config-firewall *system-config-firewall-tui
*system-config-keyboard *system-config-language *system-config-lvm *system-config-network
*system-config-network-cmd *system-config-printer *system-config-printer-applet
*system-config-rootpassword *system-config-securitylevel *system-config-selinux
*system-config-services *system-config-soundcard *system-config-time *system-config-users
*system-control-network *system-install-packages **sz **tac **tail **tailf *talk **tar **taskset
tbench tbench_srv *tbl *tclsh *tclsh8.4 **tee *telnet **test **testlibraw *testrb *test-speech
*text2wave *tfmtodit *tgz *themus-theme-applier **thumbnail **tic **tiff2bw **tiff2pdf **tiff2ps
**tiff2rgba **tiffcmp **tiffcp *tiffdiff **tiffdither **tiffdump *tifficc **tiffinfo **tiffmedian
**tiffset **tiffsplit *time **tload *toc2cddb *toc2cue **toe *tomboy *tomboy-panel **top **totem
**totem-video-indexer **totem-video-thumbnailer **touch **tput **tr **tracepath **tracepath6
*traceroute *traceroute6 *tracert *transmission *transmission-cli *transmission-daemon
*transmission-proxy *transmission-remote **tree *troff **true **tset **tsort *ttmkfdir **tty **twm
**tzselect *ucs2any **udevinfo **udevtest **ul *ulockmgr_server **umount **uname **unexpand
**unicode_start **unicode_stop **uniq *unix2dos *unix-lpr.sh **unlink *unprotoize **unzip **unzipsfx
*updatedb *update-desktop-database **update-gdk-pixbuf-loaders **update-gtk-immodules
**update-mime-database **uptime **urlgrabber *userformat *userinfo *usermount *userpasswd **users
**usleep **utmpdump **uuidgen **uxterm *uz *vbox *vboxbeep *vboxcnvt *vboxctrl *vboxmail *vboxmode
*vboxplay *vboxtoau **vdir **vi **view *vimx **vmstat vncviewer **volname **w *wacdump **wall
**watch *wavpack **wc *wftopfa wget *whatis **whereis **which *whiptail **who **whoami *whois *wish
*wish8.4 *wmf2eps *wmf2fig *wmf2gd *wmf2svg *wmf2x *wodim **word-list-compress **write **wrjpgcom
*wsdl *wsdl2 *wtpt wvAbw wvCleanLatex wvConvert *wvdial *wvdialconf wvDocBook wvDVI *wvgain wvHtml
wvLatex wvMime wvPDF wvPS wvRTF wvSummary wvText *wvunpack wvVersion wvWare wvWml **X **x11perf
**x11perfcomp **xargs **xauth **xbiff **xclipboard **xclock **xcmsdb **xconsole **xcursorgen
**xcutsel *xdg-desktop-icon *xdg-desktop-menu *xdg-email *xdg-icon-resource *xdg-mime *xdg-open
*xdg-screensaver *xdg-user-dir *xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update *xdg-user-dirs-update *xdm *xdmshell **xdpr
**xdpyinfo *xdriinfo **xev **xeyes **xfd **xfontsel **xgamma xgettext **xhost *xidump **xinit
**xkbbell **xkbcomp **xkbevd **xkbprint **xkbvleds **xkbwatch **xkill **xload **xlogo **xlsatoms
**xlsclients **xlsfonts **xmag **xmessage *xminicom **xmlcatalog **xmllint *xmlproc_parse
*xmlproc_val **xmlwf *xmode2 **xmodmap **Xorg **xorg-x11-filesystem-upgrade **xpr **xprop **xrandr
**xrdb **xrefresh *xsd **xset **xsetmode **xsetpointer **xsetroot *xsetwacom *xsltproc **xstdcmap
*xsubpp **xterm **xtrapchar **xtrapin **xtrapinfo **xtrapout **xtrapproto **xtrapreset **xtrapstats
xulrunner **xvidtune **xvinfo **xwd **xwininfo **xwud *xxd *yelp **yes *ypcat *ypchfn *ypchsh
**ypdomainname *ypmatch *yppasswd *ypwhich **yum **zcat **zcmp **zdiff **zegrep *zenity **zfgrep
**zforce **zgrep *zip *zipcloak **zipgrep **zipinfo *zipnote *zipsplit **zless **zmore **znew
*zsoelim *zvbi-chains *zvbi-ntsc-cc


Written by daveshields

January 2, 2008 at 3:46 pm

Posted in xo-laptop

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