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[First published as xo-laptop Inside the Beltway on December 3, 2007.]

Ask yourself:

  • Who will be the first Governor to give a press conference with the XO as the main topic?
  • The first State Senator? The first State Justice of a Supreme Court;
  • The first U.S. Senator to take an XO onto the Senate Floor? The first U. S. Representative?
  • The first Presidential Candiate to be seen in public carrying an XO? Hillary? Obak? Rudy?
  • The first blogger following one of the Presidential Candidates to use an XO (Hint: 20+ hours/charge)
  • The first network correspondent to give a story about the XO? ABC? CBS? Fox?
  • The first guest on Meet The Press to bring along an XO? Or will it be host Tim?
  • The first A-List celeb to be seen carrying an XO Inside The Beltway? Madonna? Brittany?
  • The first late-night comic to make a joke about a politician and an XO? Jay? Dave?

There will be a world of opportunities out there with the arrival of the XO. Some will mean a lot, some will mean a little, and some will mean nothing.

Who cares? The big thing will be to be first.


Written by daveshields

December 12, 2007 at 3:19 pm

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