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The XO Laptop and Toys: Off Target at Target

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[First published as xo-laptop xo-toys Off Target at Target on December 3, 2007.]

I stopped by a nearby Target store last Sunday. While there I wandered by the toy section, and there I saw several hyper-active shoppers trying to buy what seems to be the Hot Toy of this shopping season, the Wii.

I don’t know much about the Wii except that:

  • It is some kind of game machine;
  • It has a wireless controller;
  • Lots of people want to have one;
  • It costs more than the XO Laptop;
  • Not only do you have to buy the Wii, you also need to buy games to play using it;
  • They are very hard to find these days;

The hyper-active shoppers were hyper-active because it is hard to find a Wii these days. The clerk at Target said they didn’t have any in stock, but that it might be possible to order one over the web.

One of the shoppers –all of whom were women by the way, suggesting that their hubbies were safely ensconced back at home watching the NFL games — seemed particularly desperate, for just a few minutes later I heard her make a call on her cellphone, and than ask in a pleading tone, “Do you have the Wireless Guitar?”

I than had to hold myself in check, as I realized I was about to interrupt these desperate folks and start marketing the XO.

I then left the store soon, less I start going on and on about this little green box that I believe will have a real impact on their world, only to have the clerk think I was an agent from a competing toy company, and summon a security guard to escort me off the premises.

I now realize I should have stepped in, and just said:

Why buy a Wii? There is a much better toy around, though few people know about it. It’s called the XO Laptop. It also has wireless, and your child can have a lot more fun with it than with a Wii.

Yes, the Wii is popular, and yes, it is hard to find. But a lot of them have been bought, and even more will be bought. Thus, the Wii, while Hot, is not really that new, or that special

Lots of kids are going to have Wii’s come January, 2008.

Everyone knows what a Wii is, but only a few, the lucky few, know about the XO:

Only a lucky few kids are going to have XO Laptops come January, 2008. They will not only have the big new toy on the block, they will have the big new toy in the world!

Let me give a few examples:

  • Who will be the first child in your child’s school to have an XO?
  • Who will be the first teacher in your child’s school to have an XO?
  • Who will be the first child in your child’s school who will use their XO to communicate via the XO wireless network with a teacher’s XO?
  • Who will be the first parent in your child’s school to take an XO into your neighborhood Starbucks?
  • Who will be the first parent in your child’s school to take an XO into your neighborhood Borders Book Store?
  • Who will be the first parent in your state to show an XO to your state’s governor?
  • Who will be the first child in your state to be interviewed on a local radio or TV station about the XO?
  • Who will be the first parent and child in the nation to go on Oprah to talk about their XO?
  • Who will be first student admitted to Harvard, Yale, or Princeton, because they did a research project based on the XO?

That could be you, or your child, or the both of you.

The XO will define a whole new class of “First’s”.

Those who get there first will finish first in a race for recognition that is about to begin on a global scale.

This is NOT reality TV.

This IS reality World.

Seize the Moment. Get your XO now!

I also could have suggested that twenty or thirty years from now, most or all of the following will be true:

  • Desperate shoppers will be trying to get the “hot toy” of that season;
  • It is more likely that the Hot Toy will have been manufactured by a child in the XO-Generation than a child who is not;
  • The children in the XO-Generation will have more money to spend on the toys for their children;
  • Some of those shoppers will be saying to themselves, and not for the first time, “I wonder if this will be as Hot as the XO. My parents didn’t get me one, and I’ve felt bad about it ever since.”

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December 12, 2007 at 3:16 pm

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