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Terra plus Putare gives Terraputer

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[First published as terraputer, xo-laptop: terra plus putare gives terraputer on November 23, 2007.]

I just made up a new word: terraputer.

You haven’t heard of it before, and neither had I, until I made it up a few minutes ago.

A terraputer is a global computer. The first terraputer has just been built. It is called the XO-1 Laptop.

I’ll be writing a lot more about the XO laptop and the notion of a terracomputer, a lot more.

Two definitions from Cassell’s Latin-English Dictionary:

Cover Cassell's Latin-English Dictionary,
Dictionary Cover

puto, -are

Cassell's Latin-English Dictionary, "terra"
terra, -ae

puto, -are, to cleanse, clear; of trees, to lop; Trans., to clear up, settle,, esp. of accounts; hence to weigh up, ponder, reckon, estimate, to consider, believe, think; parenthetically,, puto or et puto, I suppose.

terra, -ae, f. earth, land, ground, soil; a country, land, region; orbis terrarum, the whole world

whence terraputer, n. computing system for the whole world; a global computing platform; e.g., the XO-1 Laptop.

I used a book to hold down the pages of the Cassell’s Dictionary, and you can see a fragment of the cover. The choice was intentional. The book is Richard Gabriel’s Patterns of Software, one of the finest books ever written about the art of programming.


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December 12, 2007 at 2:33 pm

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