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Targeted Donations of XO Laptops

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[First published as xo-laptop: Targeted Donations of XO Laptops on November 28, 2007.]

just got the following note from an IBM colleague to whom I had recommended the new XO Laptop:

hey dave,

i’m trying to get 100 donors together from my daughters school in support of this, SF One World: 24 Hours to Make a Difference, because i found this in the faq of laptopgiving:

Can I designate where my donated laptop goes?

OLPC works with governments of developing nations that purchase and distribute the laptops in high volumes (tens and hundreds of thousands of units) in order to achieve maximum penetration and societal impact within a country. Therefore, unless you donate a large number of laptops (100 or more), it is impossible to designate a specific destination for your donated laptop. If you would like to donate a group of 100 or more laptops, please call 1-800-379-7017.

I wasn’t aware one could have a say in who receives the “Give” Laptops that are part of the Give 1 Get 1 program.

This is such a great idea that I wanted to share the news. Perhaps it will encourage even more folks to participate in this wonderful program.


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December 12, 2007 at 3:06 pm

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