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On Unexpected Authority: Recent Examples

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[First published as On Unexpected Authority: Recent Examples on November 14, 2007.]

I’ve written recently about the unexpected authority I seem to have achieved. See An Authoritative Opinion Comparing Security in Linux and Microsoft Windows and An Authoritative Opinion on Libraries and Authoritative Opinions.

Here are two recent examples.

I have noticed an increasing number of views of my post, A Brief History of Operating Systems. [1] Someone reached my blog today via this search, and if you examine that link you will see, as I did, one of the reasons this post is getting more views. (There have been 140 views to date of this post, most of them in the last week.)

For another, look at this search, which combines two of the most important words of contemporary Judaism, “Shabbath” and “Kristallnacht.”


My most viewed post to date can be found here. It contains the sagest advice, courtesy of Ms. Leigh Ann Tuohy, I have seen in recent decades on dealing with wealth:

“God gives people money to see how you’re going to handle it”

This leads to the corollary observation:

“Google gives people authority to see how they’re going to handle it”

I haven’t a clue how to answer this one.

Do you?


1. I take some satisfaction in that this brief history includes no history of Microsoft’s operating systems.

I don’t believe I have the skills to answer this question properly.

Experience suggests that Microsoft, lacking the skills needed to write a good operating system, is not qualified to write its own history of its middling efforts in this area.


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