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Helen Lozoraitis joins the IBM XO Club

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I got the following mail from an IBM colleague, Helen Lozoraitis, on December 10, 2007:

Hi Dave –
I was looking around for some XO references on the web (during my lunch hour! 🙂 and came across your excellent blog. I myself have ordered 4 XOs (2 to keep, 2 that get given away) and am hoping that we will use our 2 for some app development at home (one for dev, one for test). Can you please make a recommendation about any books or other information that we should be looking at in order to get ready for the big day? (Which I hope is before Xmas since I ordered mine very early on.) I’m pretty sure we have at least one O’Reilly Perl Python manual, and there seems to be a lot of information on Wikipedia as well as planet.laptop.org. [1] But any tips you can give me for fast ramp-up would be greatly appreciated. Also is there any kind of internal IBM community that I should hook up with?

Thanks and happy holidays!


I spoke with Heln and she is keen to work with her XO when it arrives. I have thus signed up here as a member of the IBM XO Club.


1. When I spoke with Helen after getting her email, I mentioned it was Python, not Perl, and she said this was a typo, so I have just fixed it.


Written by daveshields

December 12, 2007 at 4:46 pm

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  1. Hello,my dear relative Helen Lozoraitis! Stasys Lozoraitis was my uncle. Did you know him?

    Peter Asevich

    December 19, 2007 at 11:40 am

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