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Cataloging the Internet/Web Using the XO Laptop

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[First published as Cataloging the Internet/Web Using the XO Laptop on November 21, 2007.]

I just got a note from Steve Ovadia, the host of my presentation to some CUNY librarians last week:

From: Steven Ovadia
To: David Shields/Watson/IBM
Cc: Daisy Dominguez (another CUNY Librarian)
Subject: Thanks (and photo request)

Thanks so much for a great workshop last Friday. People really seemed to enjoy it. I think it’s going to spark a lot of interesting conversations around the various CUNY campuses.

Hopefully, we can do a follow-up. Maybe on the OLPC laptops? I really appreciate your taking the time to present to us, though.

Also, would you mind if we used one of your photos (this one: http://flickr.com/photos/daveshields/2038909653/ ) for a CUNY Librarians newsletter. The one we took didn’t come out as well: http://flickr.com/photos/21015611@N05/2047162164/

Thanks again!

Steve and Daisy

Here is my response. It’s also a rough draft of a post I plan to write soon. I’m putting it up as food-for-thought while you digest your turkey-for-tummy tomorrow.


By the way, I took a bunch of other photos. I’ll post them when I have the time.

It’s also worth noting that a comment by one of your librarians that she is buying an XO laptop for her child was the direct cause of all my recent posts on the OLPC XO Laptop.

The posts would have been written eventually, but they are being written now, at a time when XO’s can still be ordered, and I hope my posts convince some people to buy them.

As I noted during our talk, the Internet/web is now the largest library ever assembled, and Google is its librarian.

I have also come to appreciate that a library is also a museum, a museum is also a library. For example, all we know of ancient Greece comes to us in the form of a library: some writings, some architectural exhibits such as the Acropolis, some pottery, and so forth.

I also believe that the XO laptop will become the key tool that will be used to start cataloging the current culture in a manner that will be both comprehensive and organize forms of knowledge in ways we can’t even yet imagine.

Happy Turkey Day!



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December 12, 2007 at 5:24 am

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