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Building your own Linux Fedora computer using the ECS GeForce 6100SM-Motherboard

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[First published as Building your own Linux Fedora computer using the ECS GeForce 6100SM-Motherboard on December 12, 2007.]

I wrote a piece in September, 2007, about building your own Ubuntu computer, Building your own Linux Ubuntu computer using the ECS GeForce 6100SM-M motherboard.

Since the XO laptop runs Fedora, I have juast converted this box to run Fedora 8. There were no problems, so I’m publishing the same post under this title in case someone is searching for help building their own Fedora Linux computer.

By the way, the “Build Your Own” post has proven quite popular since its publication last September. It has drawn over 2500 views to date and is consistently among my most viewed posts.


Written by daveshields

December 12, 2007 at 4:09 pm

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  1. Hello Bill!

    I just saw your writeup per 9/10/07, and hope you can answer our question…

    We have a java-based “natural time in real-time” KinderClock (see GreenTyme [dot] org) which currently is free on the Web, and which we now want to make avaialbe at VERY low prices as standalone clocks. What we need is a very low cost (stripped down) computer platform that can run our KinderClock java app and connect to a low priced color LCD display. Note: we have reason to believe that our kind of “natural time” clock may well help people with illnesses and diseases (such as Alzheimer’s, Pick’s, migraines, etc) which recent research shows have biological clock impairments.

    Any suggestions about how we should proceed using some off-the-shelf solution, it must be UL Laboratory approved!

    Warm regards, Yale
    Yale S.Y. Landsberg, Executive Director –unpaid
    GreenTyme Academy for Chrono-Cognitive Therapies
    Charlottesville VA 22902 434.326.5796

    Yale Landsberg

    May 3, 2008 at 6:42 pm

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