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A rough estimate of web awareness of the XO Laptop

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[First published as xo-laptop: Some rough estimates of web awareness of the XO Laptop on November 26, 2007.]

This post aims to give some rough estimates of the current presence of the XO laptop on the web, as shown by Google, followed by some data from my own blog’s records.

I write this late Sunday, November 25th. I first started writing about the new XO Laptop from the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project just a few days ago. The first post was terraputer xo-laptop: Only 7 Days Left to Get Your Child an XO Laptop for XMAS, published November 20th. This will be my 23rd post on the XO, published on November 25th, and there are lots more to come.

Here are some phrases and the number of Google matches returned when searching for them:

  • xo-laptop 607,000
  • xo 26,800,000
  • olpc 10,400,000
  • nicholas negroponte 1,200,000
  • terraputer 10 (a word I made up a few days back)
  • give 1 get 1 987,000,000 (give and get are common words, so this doesn’t mean much)
  • xo-laptop blogs 366,000
  • xo-laptop sucks 10,700 (the “sucks” metric is a useful source of reported problems)
  • xo sucks 687,000
  • olpc sucks 206,000
  • microsoft sucks 2,600,000
  • google sucks 8,660,000
  • dave shields sucks 655,000

Sketchy evidence on WordPress suggests I am the most active blogger in the XO-laptop. See WordPress tag “xo-laptop”.

See also Technorati “xo laptop” tags, with total of 222, and also
Technorati “xo-laptop” tags, with a total of 164. This, by the way, is why I used “xo-laptop” and not “xo laptop,” as tags containing blanks should be avoided.

Note that “XO” is not a great choice for a product name. The best names are those that, when first searched for on Google, return no matches, or less than five matches. That is why I made up the word “terraputer,” and also why I exclusively use “xo-laptop” as a tag, since “xo” is too short.

I have noticed an increased readership of my blog, and more frequent links to it, as shown by the steady reduction in my Technorati ranking (the lower the better). See Everything in the known universe about The Wayward Word Press. I started tracking this a few days ago:

Authority is listed first, followed by Rank; The higher the authority the better; the lower the rank the better:

  • 2007/11/26: 76, 093,462
  • 2007/11/25: 71, 101,376
  • 2007/11/24: 70, 103,170
  • 2007/11/22: 67, 108,652
  • 2007/11/20: 63, 116,930
  • 2007/11/19: 61, 121,630
  • 2007/11/18: 60, 124,139
  • 2007/11/16: 56, 134,803
  • 2007/11/15: 54; 140,824

Note that my Technorati Rank is now under 100,000. Technorati tracks close to ten million blogs, so mine is in the top one percent.

I am just starting to see people reaching my blog via searches on the XO. The first was on November 21st. Here are the search strings used, and the dates,for the last few days. I publish them all, both to indicate the fraction related to the XO and to show (once again) the many ways in which people reach my blog, as well as an indication of the broad number of topics I have addressed in my almost six hundred blog posts:

Search Terms for 7 days ending 2007-11-26
Search Views
build ubuntu computer 5
leigh anne tuohy 2
ubuntu what version of java do I have 2
ecs ht2000 geforce 6100sm 2
building ubuntu box 2
Gates of Repentance “Life is a journey” 1
buy solar system upstate ny 1
“ubuntu 7.04” use “flash drive” 1
intel 845g video driver ubuntu 1
give one get one coupon 1
“horacio gutierrez” biography patents 1
brief history of operating system 1
shelter days left 1
xo box computers 1
xo laptop internet 1
ubuntu access usb flash drive 1
tikkun olam in all religions 1
usb flash drive in ubuntu 1
can xo laptop do russian 1
flash drive access how to 1
how to get on tuxmachines 1
best ubuntu motherboard 1
linux 6100sm-m driver 1
category theory 1
copyleft whistling 1
TPE:2382 1
google 1
ubuntu flash drive mount 1
Leigh Anne Tuohy 1
build cheap powerful ubuntu computer 1
olpc xo 1
wordpress tagline 1
new york botanical garden “train show” 1
lotus symphony ubuntu 1
Fadwa Hamdan 1
harvard female scientist on Charlie Rose 1
how to write files to flash drive 1
ubuntu flash drive 1
jew watch.com 1
olpc 1
linux, upload photos 1
brother can you spare a dime al meaning 1
US botanical gardens holiday train 2007 1
the new york train show 1
“OEM means ” 1
Ubuntu Access USB drive terminal 1
met floorplan gates of paradise location 1
Fadwa Hamdan 2007 1
dog walker poop 1
Search Views
leigh anne tuohy 4
ubuntu lotus symphony 3
6100sm-m 3
ASUS Terminator T1-C3 3
new york botanical garden train show 3
fadwa 3
kyu chay 2
general robert caslen 2
how to install a new version of java on 2
leigh anne tuohy pictures 2
Leigh Anne Tuohy 2
staff sgt kyu chay 2
botanica gardens trains cost 2
ubuntu juploadr 2
Search Views
happy birthday word 3
leigh anne tuohy 3
XO laptop instructions 3
google android project 2
“xo laptop” ubuntu 2
us presidents truman funeral 2
android project 2
android google project 2
install java for ubuntu 2
leadtek winfast ubuntu 2
brief history of operating system 2
japenese art, nyc 2
juploadr ubuntu 2
Kyu Hyuk Chay memorial 2
jikes grammar specification 2
how to build ubuntu from scratch 2
z/os vs i5/os 2
Search Views
brief history of operating system 5
xo ubuntu 4
Marceau paintings 3
fit hard drive 6100sm-m 3
best time to visit holiday train show ny 3
dave shields 3
mount usb flash drive command line linux 3
Bikers Dave 3
leigh anne tuohy pics 2
General Officers of the Marines 2
olpc 2
the wayward press liebling 2
falling leaves source code 2
kyu chay 2
ubuntu and kvm switches 2
fadwa 2
team of British physicists and engineers 2
juploadr ubuntu 2
history of operating systems 2
new york holiday train show 2
Search Views
brief history of operating system 5
sandbox-10 themes 3
leigh anne tuohy 3
geforce6100sm linux 3
building a linux machine from scratch 2
ecs nvidia geforce 6100 skt am2 + linux 2
internet pioners 2
staff sgt. kyu chay college fund 2
leigh ann tuohy 2
google firefox “copy link location” 2
build my own ubuntu 2
usb read write kingston 2
building linux box OR server OR computer 2
android money 1
definition of forking + wiki 1
codec movie linux mobile motorola A 1200 1
where did the name shields come from 1
using laptop as a KVM 1
ubuntu with kvm switch 1
mount portable usb drive ubuntu 1
new york city train show 1
cathy letters 1
ubuntu + cli + flash drive 1
will my AMD computer handle linux 1
ground zero board game 1
configure x11 intel 1
ubuntu “sun-java6” “no java” 1
can’t install ubuntu 7.04 640 1
find your ibmer 1
what can I apt-get 1
reasons for being lucky 1
ubuntu kvm switch 1
codec movie linux mobiles motorola A 120 1
the joys of yiddish 1
when i start my car the engine races 1
ubuntu ibm video 1
ubuntu winfast dv2000 1
lotus sometime download 1
how to install java on ubuntu gij 1
Leigh Anne Tuohy 1
“word press it” 1
god created earth and heaven ode to joy 1
pulitzer prize winner, Dr Watson 1
installing juploadr linux 1
install ubuntu juploadr 1
IBM Lotus Symphony sucks 1
settings of frindle 1
juploadr ubuntu 1
Search Views
kyu chay 14
Kyu Chay 7
new york botanical garden pictures 4
leigh anne tuohy 3
explain open source 3
ubuntu compatible motherboard 3
olpc 3
100 dollar computer 3
brief history of operating system 3
Eben Moglen +picture of 2
“it is cold outside” 2
ecs geforce6100sm-m linux 2
tom friedman “Whatever can be done 2
Parse Adobe Forms open source 2
sgt kyu chay 2
asus c3 t1 terminator linux 2
wikipedia ferrara cafe 2
song It is better to light just one litt 2
Android+project+idea 2
acer t180 motherboard 2
Chay, Kyu pictures 2
running ubuntu 7 with nVIDIA GeForce 610 1
linux geforce system complete 1
history of open source development for l 1
matthew small blackboard 1
xo laptop 1
walmart two hundred dollar computer 1
sdrawkcab board game 1
java for ubuntu 7.10 1
animal used in arizona to detect gas lea 1
google android document formats 1
install Ubuntu on “XO laptop” 1
pennywhistlers 1
watching parade baloons 1
matthew rascoff 1
open source blackboard 1
intel 845 video 1
how to run java on ubuntu 1
Game, set, match wikipedia 1
opensuse tvtime 1
thomas friedman-islam 1
845G ubuntu driver 1
kyu chay law posthumous 1
geforce6100sm-m 1
java for ubuntu linux 1
Meanings of Sabbath 1
holiday train show promotion codes 1
fadwa hamdan 1
intel 845 driver ubuntu 7.10 1
flash drive not reading in usb slot 1
Search Views
i o shield biostar 550 se 8
leigh anne tuohy 7
hundred dollar computer 5
animal detects gas leaks in arizona 4
brief history of operating system 4
leigh ann tuohy 3
dave shields wordpress 3
how do you write military honor notes 2
New York Botanical Garden promotion code 2
“Animal” AND “detect gas leaks” AND “cal 2
Ubuntu motherboard compatibility 2
sparkle word art 2
open source jobs in illinois education 2
ECS Geforce 6100SM newegg memory 2
c3 linux ubuntu 2
automotive economy run 2
building a linux computer 2007 2
ubuntu asus barebone 2
animal detects gas leaks arizona califor 2
“xo laptop” 2
ecs geforce 6100sm-m freebsd 1
is pdf proprietary? 1
wayward in a sentence 1
brief summary history evolution “operati 1
xo laptop 1
ubuntu remove gcj 1
walmart two hundred dollar computer 1
how to access files in usb drives in ubu 1
animal used to detect gas leaks in Arizo 1
Song “it is cold outside” 1
word list for hacking 1
leadtek ubuntu 1
animal detects gas leaks california ariz 1
linux sli ubuntu 1
dave shields xo-laptop 1
knoppix package manager software removal 1
new york botanical gardens holiday train 1
mount usb drive linux read write 1
installed multiple versions of java how 1
nig-nog 1
usb flash drive write 1
happy birthday instant message 1
animal used by gas companies detects gas 1
kn9 sli on linux 1
animal detects gas leaks in arizona and 1
how to re write flash drive 1
animal to detect gas leaks in arizona 1
lotus symphony ubuntu problems 1
“flu shots” 2007 IBM 1
lockheed martin, bob steven 1

I’ll repeat this experiment from time to time, as time permits.


Written by daveshields

December 12, 2007 at 2:55 pm

Posted in xo-laptop

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