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[First published at Flog your blog, use the xo-laptop tag on November 23, 2007.]

Those of us with an interest in promoting the use and improvement of the XO Laptop need to find each other, and promote the use of the XO as we do so.

We need to build a community, and then work together as part of it.

Those who– like myself — are also bloggers can help make this happen.

I have already noticed that the tag “xo-laptop” seems to be the standard one. That is no surprise, it is the first one I thought of.

I thus suggest that, at least until the start of 2008, we XLo bloggers include the tag “xo-laptop” in the title of our posts about the XO Laptop, as I have observed that search engines attach greater weight to the words in the title of a blog post than to the words in the body of the post. (I have written about this lately, after giving a talk in a library to librarians.)


  • As always, Flog Your Blog;
  • Start the title with “xo-laptop:” when you are posting about anything related to the XO Laptp;

And, if you are one of the lucky ones who has an XO Laptop, then try to take it everywhere you go and use it in a public place whenever possible.


Written by daveshields

December 12, 2007 at 2:46 pm

Posted in xo-laptop

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