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Goodnight Windows, Goodnight Mush

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[First published as on 2 November 2007, this post applies also to the XO laptop, though with less urgency as there is no immediate prospect that Windows will run on the XO.]

I’ve spent so much time lately saying that folks should take the “Leap to Linux” that I have decided to do it myself.

Lou Gerstner, IBM’s previous CEO, often said IBM should “eat its own dog food,” so I’m going to chow down on Ubuntu going forward, and will strive to reduce my Windows usage to the absolute minimum.

I hope soon to say my final farewell:

Picture 194
Goodnight Windows

Picture 193
We all love baloons, save those trial baloons filled with Microsoft’s Hot Air and Bluster

Picture 195
Marketing baloons, circa 1970. We seldom asked for money, just giving them away for free, like open-source.

Picture 192
Evaluating the alternatives.

Picture 190
Technology changes.

Picture 189
Hasta La Vista, Windows.

Picture 188
It’s easy to sleep at night when you run Linux.

Picture 196
Linux and Open-Source is Microsoft’s worst nightmare.

Picture 187
Rest easy Linux. There’s lots of work to do tomorrow.


1. I once mentioned to John Cocke that I occasionally sold baloons in Central Part, mostly for the fun of it. Every time I saw him thereafter he would ask, “How’s the baloon business, Dave?”

John was famous for wandering the halls in Yorktown. He would stop in someone’s office, ask what they were up to, make a few suggestions, some of which would then keep them busy for days of weeks. He would then depart. When he returned again, weeks or months later, he would often resume a discussion in mid-sentence.


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December 11, 2007 at 6:48 pm

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