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I first started writing about the XO Laptop and OLPC project in early October, 2007.

Here, in the order written, is a list of the posts that either speak directly about, or that I think are directly relevant to, the XO laptop and the OLPC Project:

David Pogue: Laptop With a Mission Widens Its Audience

Happy Birthday Slashdot!

Tag For K12 Open Minds Conference 2007: k12openminds07

K12OpenMinds07: Trip Report

On Education, Innovation, OLPC, And Open-Source

Do Fallen Soldiers Twitter?

Any Wild Python Programmers Out There?

Eben Moglen: Copyleft Capitalism, GPLv3 and the Future of Software Innovation

Open Source Divertimento K. 2007

Meet the Tuxers

Can you explain open-source in one sentence?

Goodnight Windows, Goodnight Mush

Ubuntu 7.10: Inflection Point or Tipping Point?

December 1999: Three Predictions

The Sun / Red Hat Java announcement: 2002 or 2007?

An Open-Source Experiment: Google Enters the Wireless World

Time-ly Technology

About the Luddites, and an invitation to join the project

New Life Forms in the Open-Source Ecosystem: Redmonk, Mellon Foundation, And Some Newbies

An Authoritative Opinion Comparing Security in Linux and Microsoft Windows

An Authoritative Opinion on Libraries and Authoritative Opinions

On Libraries: The Ernie Pyle Memorial Home/Library

On Libraries: The Library of Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester

On Libraries: On Searching for the Meaning of “Sabbath Kristallnacht”

k12openminds07: I just ordered my XO Laptop. Have You?

dsandroid: Dave Shields On Google’s Android Project

Thomas J. Watson Library: The Gates of Paradise”

The Two Hundred Dollar Computer

Software cost now equals hardware cost

Annus Horribilis, Annus Mirabilis

First Memories of Reading And of Being Read To

On Unexpected Authority: Recent Examples

On Authority and Rating Programmers. Making Linus Number 1

On the Authority of Librarians

Technology and the Library

Promoting Open Technologies in Libraries

Video of Eben Moglen’s Talk at IBM Research Now Available Online

dsandroid: Money and Politics in Google’s Android Project

On Claiming a Piece of the Blogosphere

Talk to CUNY Librarians: Trip Report

xo-laptop: 10 Days Left in OLPC Give One / Get One XO Laptop Program

xo-laptop: 10 Days Left in OLPC Give One / Get One XO Laptop Program

xo-laptop: Announcing Three New XO Laptop Projects

xo-laptop: The “Sign Me Up” Posts

Back In The Day: Computing in 1959, 1971

xo-laptop: Only 7 Days Left to Get Your Child an XO Laptop for XMAS

xo-laptop,xo-sahana: A historic occasion, using the XO Laptop to run Sahana

xo-laptop, xo-sahana: Only 6 Days Left to Get Your XO-for-XMAS

xo-laptop, xo-library: Cataloging the Internet/Web Using the XO Laptop

xo-laptop: Saving Lives Using the XO Laptop

xo-laptop: “ok, ok, I bought one.” My XO Ranking is now 8.

TOC: Total Ownership Cost

Video of Eben Moglen’s Talk at IBM Research Now Available Online – Ogg Format

terraputer, xo-laptop: terra plus putare gives terraputer

terraputer xo-laptop: The XO Laptop is a Terraputer

Google is Amazingly Fast

terraputer xo-laptop: Software’s Firewall, Microsoft

terraputer xo-laptop: Buy 1 Give 1 Extended Until December 31, 2007

Too Many Projects Considered Harmful

Message from The Tuxers: Think, Dave! Don’t Use Windows!

Message from The Tuxers: Think, Dave! Don’t Use Windows!

xo-laptop: Why Python?

xo-laptop: Flog your blog, use the xo-laptop tag

terraputer xo-laptop: On Being Present At The Creation Of A Big Project

thewit: The Women In Technology Project, initial posts

O’Reilly Women In Technology Series

Getting Hijacked Running Windows

xo-laptop: The Power of the XO is its Power Supply

xo-laptop: A Little Laptop With Big Ambitions But Little Power

xo-laptop: My XO Rank is now 12. What is yours?

xo-laptop xo-envy: A new computer virus, XO Envy

xo-laptop: Alarming news that my XO Ranking may be 14

Google’s Heavy Brand: Review of the Everex TC2502 Green gPC

terraputer xo-laptop: The XO Generation

xo-laptop: Some rough estimates of web awareness of the XO Laptop

xo-laptop: My Top Posts now favoring XO

xo-laptop: Tom Friedman: The Case for Illegal Mingling

xo-laptop: I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

xo-laptop: Mike Todd gets it. Will you?

terraputer xo-laptop: Minimal hardware requirements for XO-Linux and Microsoft Vista

xo-laptop xo-thinking: Time to put on our XO Thinking Caps

xo-laptop thinking-cap: On the XO Laptop and Microsoft’s OOXML Standard

Spam Blogs?

Followup from Steve Ovadia on the CUNY Librarians Presentation

Samuel Butler: All of the Animals Excepting Man Know That The Principle Business of Life is to Enjoy It

xo-laptop xo-tux: Meet XO-Tux, the newest Tuxer

Windows XP Configuration and Migration on the T60 Thinkpad

xo-ubuntu: Installing Ubuntu on the Lenovo T60 Thinkpad

xo-laptop: Targeted Donations of XO Laptops

Early orders for XO-Laptop to be delivered Dec. 14-24

xo-python: The Farmer in the Dell

XO-Laptop Hardware Summary

xo-laptop: On the Open-Sourcing of Business

OpenDS: On Being Bitten By The Hand That Once Fed You

xo-laptop xo-education: The War Against Ignorance

xo-laptop T-Shirt Design Contest

xo-laptop The More it Snows, Nobody Knows, How Cold Dave’s Toes are Growing

Join the XO-laptop XO-generation

xo-laptop xo-toys Off Target at Target

xo-laptop xo-toys Let’s play XO-Scrabble

xo-laptop Inside the Beltway

xo-laptop Impressing Your Friends

xo-laptop Nelson Minar, Thanks

xo-laptop xo-python The Most Important Programmers in the World

xo-laptop An Authoritative Opinion by an Expert on Authoritative Opinions on How to Outwit Google

xo-laptop xo-python On Sun and the Tragedy of Java

The GOTOXO Project


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December 5, 2007 at 4:51 am

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